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Grey Crowned Crane Photo by Kakai W. — National Geographic Your Shot

Harlow the Weimaraner & his new pal Indiana, the Daschund. Love these guys.

Harlow the weimaraner his new pal Indi the weiner dog. I love the name Harlow for a Weimaraner! They are so cute, and Harlow just makes it even cuter!

Stunning green bird

28 Dazzling Exotic Birds You Probably Never Heard Of ~ Livingstone's Turaco. Turacos make up the bird family Musophagidae (literally 'banana eaters'). Depsite the name, they generally do not eat bananas.

Amerikaanse fregatvogel

Frigate birds are truly champion fliers. The birds can fly for weeks without stopping.

ツ ツ ツ

The Collared Inca (Coeligena torquata) ~ species of hummingbird found in humid Andean forests from western Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Greater blue-eared glossy-starling - sighted in South Africa September 2011

Greater blue-eared glossy-starling Photo by Kakai W. — National Geographic Your Shot

FRANSWAZZ | earthandanimals: Raven’s breath. Photo by...

Ravens are one of several larger-bodied members of the genus Corvus—but in Europe and North America the Common Raven is normally implied. Raven birds have black plumage and large beaks.

a positive attitude

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.I know someone exactly.