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Maidenhair fern-- for my accent greenery... The leaves are so delicate and the stems cascade so gracefully.

Maidenhair fern-- for accent greenery. The leaves are so delicate and the stems cascade so gracefully.

California Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum jordanii

California Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum jordanii As its common name suggests, this is a California native species; in fact, Adiantum jordanii (Pteridaceae - Vittarioideae) is known only from California.

Adiantum trapeziforme

Adiantum trapeziforme

Onoclea sensibilis

Onoclea sensibilis

Adiantum caudatum - Trailing Maidenhair | Draping and cascading habit. The new growth is tinged pink. Prefers partial shade and always moist but not soaking soil, let dry out a bit at top (but only the top!) in between waterings. Loves being misted.

Adiantum caudatum - Trailing Maidenhair-A very unusual habit for a Maidenhair fern, this species and narrow leaves with a draping and cascading habit. The new growth is tinged pink adding even more interest to the terrarium or plant shelf.

green & black

Black and Green Fern Macro

Shade plant. Asplenium antiquum - bird's nest fern

The Birds Nest fern, native to Australian rainforest. beautiful in the shaded garden. For under the hawthorn

Adiantum capillus-veneris - Maidenhair Fern

photo of Adiantum capillus-veneris -- lovely

Birds nest

Asplenium nidus, better known as birds nest fern is an incredibly beautiful smooth tropical fern

Once known as Polypodium areolatum a more familiar fern genus but handsome by any name. To only 12 tall with evergreen glaucous gray deeply lobed fronds that emerge from fuzzy red rhizomes close to the surface. Wonderful as cut foliage. Well-drained consistently moist soil is best in part sun to dappled shade. Frost hardy in USDA zone 8. Polypodiaceae

Phlebodium pseudoaureum

samambaia azul / Blue Star / Blue Rabbit's Foot Fern for sale buy Phlebodium pseudoaureum ?

Astrolepis sinuata (Cheilanthes argentea?)

It’s getting kinda ferny around here…

The pot ghetto, we all have one right?

Asplenium scol. 'Laceratum Kaye' - winterhart

Asplenium scol. 'Laceratum Kaye' - winterhart

Adiantum raddianum 'Variegata'

Adiantum raddianum 'Variegata'

Adiantum venustum (Avenca): planta delicada que exige umidade, meia sombra e solo drenável. Não tolera baixas temperaturas e é muito utilizada em vasos e jardineiras.

this has gorgeous black stems and very tiny leaves - good in a raised bed or pot where you can see the lovely detail.