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"Liv truly knew she was a lady as much as her sister was. But she was also a warrior, and she was going to fight.

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colinquinn: “ Advice You’ve Given Other People That Was Really About You Books I wish existed ”

Rape statistics. And by calling them "FALSELY accused," it's showing that they were not convicted or punished in spite of the accusation.

So sad. I do want to point out the men get raped as well, by both men and women so it's not just about "evil men" and "helpless women" although it's usually the case. < it just said rapists, without pointing out genders at all.

i'm a billion times better than the girl i was.

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One of the best I've read,  it's too true...  Lice your life how you want,  choose who you want to spend your time with... And who make you feel good..  And give them it back in abundance...life is far too short for spending it around those who suck the positivity out of you  }pěąčhý

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My BFF told me today I'm too picky with men. My life and my future. Hell yes Imma be picky. I'm not gonna settle for just anyone.