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Definitely true for me. For the longest time, I would drive into Boston using this convoluted route that I learned from taking the bus (pre-license). It took years before I'd take a shorter route!

Autism Superhero--Mine and Brandy's own kids don't have autism but we sure do love some kids who do!!!

If you can look past my child's autism . You will see a Pretty Freakin' Awesome Person!

World Autism Awareness Day

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Many parents who have children with Sensory Processing Disorder may wonder why we are talking about Autism on a site dedicated to SPD. Studies conducted by.

Heart songs -- I know many!

Autism awareness Happy Feet, cherish the children marching to the beat of their own music. They play the most beautiful heart songs

so true... let's fight for it

I'll do anything I can to help my Abbie succeed. I read a statistic that of children with autism don't graduate high school. She will succeed she will graduate high school and college.