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Zeus in Olympia. Feidias' statue in gold and ivory in Olympia's main temple. The statue was 12 meter high and decorated with paintings and precious stones.

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need this pallid bust of pallas just above my chamber door. i am not at all cheesy. not at all.

Antique print.1884. Lithograph.129 years old print. Characters,vestments and Fashion of Greek People in the Ancient era. 11,50x8,40 inches

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Achilles was a hero of the Trojan War. His mother was the nymph Thetis, and his father, Peleus. When Achilles was born Thetis tried to make him immortal, by dipping him in the river Styx. However, he was left vulnerable at the part of the body by which she held him, his heel. Achilles’ most notable feat during the Trojan War was the slaying of the Trojan hero Hector outside the gates of Troy. Achilles was killed near the end of the Trojan War by Paris, who shot him in the heel with an arrow.

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