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"The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights" - Hillary Clinton, April 2016 Admits preborn children are people. denies them any rights.

BEFORE ANYONE SAYS 'but it doesn't LOOK human" Well what does a "human" look like? who gets to decide? if you decide the unborns value based on their appearance don't you DARE say your against transphobia, or racism. dont you dare say its not okay to judge someone by what they wear or by their physical deformity/disability. If you dont care about human beings equally regardless of race, ethnicity,gender,sex,orientation,belief,age/development then you are not a person. its simple as that~:~

I will not sit silent through this holocaust. i will not. i am not joking one little bit and if you think i am you are wrong.

For anti-abortionist, their pro-life efforts stop as soon as the child is born. If unexpectedly pregnant women could look at our society and see a bright future for their unborn fetuses, many would probably chose to bear their child.

Women who have abortions do so because they take very seriously the myriad responsibilities that come not just with birth, but with nurturing and raising a human being.

right to life

Thanks to the late Nellie Gray founder of the march to life for her wonderful legacy!

NBC'S Chuck Todd asks Hillary Clinton about the rights of unborn children on "Meet The Press," Sunday, April 3, 2016 (Photo: NBC screenshot)

NBC'S Chuck Todd asks Hillary Clinton about the rights of unborn children on "Meet The Press," Sunday, April 2016 (Photo: NBC screenshot): "Unborn children have no rights", she said.

Notice that they never talk about embryos when they want to get their point across. I guess that they realize that there's a difference.

Yes, I am anti-choice, if the choice includes the dismemberment of live & conscious babies .

Planned Parenthood is really planned infanticide!

They're called 'Planned Parenthood' because 'Planned Infanticide' wouldn't sound politically correct. No it's called planned parenthood because it helps you plan when you want to enter parenthood.