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The Stumbling Dead
No longer a monster
Cat Art Print, Day of the Dead Art    Fell in love with this pussycat after stumbling upon him last night. He reminds me of my own poor old kitty who went to sleep in January and I miss terribly. Half sleeve inspiration.
Do you suffer from shyness? I know I do and it used to be a stumbling block when I was trying to grow my business. If you think putting yourself in front of the camera isn’t important for online business think again!  You are your brand and people want to see who they are buying from. In this replay of my Facebook Live video I talk about how I put myself out there and grow my brand when I am very shy. FINALLY!  An Easy Way To Recruit People Into Your MLM Business Online - Rejection FREE…
Only dead fish go with the flow
EASTER SALE Day of the Dead Necklace. Skull Necklace with Red Coral Teardrop and Fresh Water Pearl. Handmade Jewelry. by StumblingOnSainthood from Stumbling On Sainthood. Find it now at http://ift.tt/1UfYbNb!
No, I am living. Just not the life I want, or in other words: My dream isn't my life...