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Oh my gosh! This is exACtly how I imagined Thranduil looked in the book! By felixavenier on deviantart

Oh my gosh! This is exACtly how I imagined Thranduil looked in the book!

Hobbit Illumination: Thranduil, by Soni Alcorn-Hender.:

hobbit illumination thranduil by bohemianweasel Striking The Hobbit Artwork Featuring Richard Armitages Thorin, Lee Paces Thranduil .

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doitsuki: “ururtime: “BY: staRember Thrandolas (T/L) ” I feel this ”


Thranduil ~ King of Mirkwood by *jankolas on deviantART ~ LOTR ~ watercolors + mm black art pen


Speed painting of Lee Pace as Thranduil. Yes I'm painting Lee Pace almost everyday now and no I'm not sorry.

A few warm by Helesssart.deviantart.com on @deviantARTThranduil and Legolas. Artist's Description: "Just wanted to say, that children continue to stay as children for their parents even when they are grown up."

A few warm by Helesssart on DeviantArt (Thranduil and Legolas)

Thranduil | Painting by nlmda.tumblr.com

NLMDA draws stuff, How many times have I painted Lee Pace you may.

Same gifset but I had to pin this one individually too!!!! GAH I LOVE HIM <3 <3 <3 {Thranduil BTS gifset}

I do not judge him for killing the orc. Mirkwood was once Greenwood, and it is Thranduil's duty to protect his people fromm the darkness that has possessed the woods, there is no room for mercy and keeping promises to the enemy.

Legolas and thranduil

nevui-penim-miruvorrr: “ parvuspapilio: “ ssbobpul: “ Thranduil Legolas ” sudden sad thought about how Thranduil told Legolas that his mother has gone up to the stars and became one of them and is now.

Stunning ❤

Balcony with a view on Erebor - Candra on DeviantArt. In bonus materials there was a scene of Legolas and Thranduil talking on the balcony, and Alan Lee showed the sketch from which you can see that the balcony in the royal palace had a view on Erebor.