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General Electric makes a housewife's servant's life easier. Racist advertising at its worst.

Racism In 30 Vintage Ads

General Electric makes a housewife's servant's life easier. "'I'se sure got a good job now!' New General Electric sink ends the two most distateful kitchen tasks.

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette Print ad from the 1940s. You don't see this today!

26 Shockingly Offensive Vintage Ads

26 Shockingly Offensive Vintage Ads - Tap this ad to see all 26 ads shown on Business Insider.

autumnsredglaze: “MAGA ”

The Art of BioShock Infinite - The BioShock Wiki - BioShock, BioShock BioShock Infinite, news, guides, and

nice Google Image Result for pzrservices.typep......

When selling Cocaine tablets having a creepy guy do it is sure way to convince people to buy your product.

Weighty issue: This advert from The Strand Magazine offers advice on how to how to improve your life by 'putting on flesh'

The vintage ads which encouraged women to put ON weight before hitting the beach

‘Don’t let them call you skinny’: Vintage ads push women to gain weight

Social call etiquette circa 1880: "Oh hello Mrs. Wheat. So pleased to meet you. BTW, have you tried Allan's Anti-Fat remedy?"

Cocaine tooth drops, morphine teething syrup and other Victorian quack cures - Telegraph

WWII STD Posters: Easy to get

The second world war guide to sexual health - in pictures

Visual Culture and Public Health Posters - Infectious Disease - Easy to get. syphilis and gonorrhea

Reminds me of the King and Duke...fun to use with Huck Finn lesson

nsydeout: “ Smoke cigarettes to cure asthma? But the funniest shit is the very last line, “Not recommended for children under ” so i should start smoking?