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Making jazz hands as the ninth person on a bed making out, while being a young Jon Bon Jovi.

Candid's of Punk idols. Love that hair Billy.

Candid Photos of UK Punk Pioneers as Kids

Dance like no one's watching.Woodstock1969

*hippies *rainbows *flowerchildren *freeks - amazing how frightening a refusal to conform can be to some people; or some societies.

Producer Frank Zappa was so drawn to the groupies that he formed a band with seven of them called The GTOs, led by Miss Pamela, aka Pamela Des Barres.

Ultimate rock 'n' roll groupies

The GTO's (Girls Together Outrageously) Baron Wolman - "Groupies and Other Girls" - Rolling Stone

Chris Adler, Lamb of God.

Chris Adler, Lamb of God, maybe the best drummer today on earth

Anna Murphy + Meri Tadic-Switzerland’s Eluveitie are an unmistakable band that have brought their unique folk/melodic death metal to metalheads looking to party since 2002. What makes this band so unmistakable are the contributions of Anna Murphy on the hurdy gurdy and Meri Tadic on the fiddle.

Eluveitie’s Anna Murphy + Meri Tadic – Supreme Rock Goddesses

Make love not war --> Make art not war. Put crayons on an ammo belt, arm her with a paintball gun, covered in painty "wounds", sitting on a step like a BAMF.

Make love not war. Anti-Vietnam war peace movement, counterculture the world STILL needs now is Love, sweet Love!

LAMB OF GOD - Resurrection Fest'13: 1 de Agosto'13 - Viveiro (Galicia) | Metal Symphony

John Campbell, Lamb of god. He signed my armpit once, still have the shirt.

Custom Tama Starclassic NAMM 2012.This kit is being sold by Dale's Drum Shop on Ebay for USD24,999.00.

Tama drums sets Monster Mapa Burl Starclassic Maple 31 piece drum kit with Rack

Tama drums sets Monster Mapa Burl Starclassic Maple 31 piece drum kit with Rack, Custom Classic Pro Straight Cymbal Stand with Tom Mounts

Randy Blythe - Lamb of God

Randy Blythe - Lamb of God. The way he looks when he is on stage reflects how I feel most of the time.


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