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Slimey the Worm

My heart just exploded.

Slimey the Worm for Bronson.  He LOVES Slimey.

Custom order for sandi remaing balance for sandi

I loved Sesame Stree as a child, but sadly my own son missed out since I found elmo and zoe so distasteful.  I'll make it up to my grandkids, if I have any.  There are so many great Muppets it's hard to choose my favorite , but Slimey the Worm and the Twiddlebugs are a tie, closely followed by Grover.  Many say I remind them of Cookie Monster.  Guard your cookies when I'm around.

I loved Sesame Stree as a child. Maybe recreate Oscar's place with old doors and garbage cans by my front tree?

This needs no explanation, it's just awesome.

reserved custom order Slimey the worm for peanut25a

Slimey the worm sesame street by marleyokalani on Etsy

Dear Imgur, TIL >> Thank the heavens that Riddler doesn't have a do like that! XD

Thank the heavens that Riddler doesn't have a do like that!

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids laughing in the back seat of the car, or at home when they’ve earned a...

The Snowths. Easy costume idea: Pink wig with pink horns, bright blue eyeshadow with big false eyelashes, yellow lipstick, a long-sleeve pink t-shirt.

Kermit face is best face.

Mahna Mahna & my favorite Kermit facial expression! (link also has Muppet movie trailers)