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La vie sans toi est vraiment difficile. ... gros coup de moins bien aujourd'hui. ...Tu me manques, tu es dans mes pensées, dans mes rêves, et mon coeur brûle d'amour pour toi...... je t'aime ma patate ❤

Previous pinner said: "When someone writes to you, takes their time to put their thoughts on paper, for you, it's a heart melting feeling. Just like when someone sends you a link to a song, it's words they're feeling but don't know how to say."

Ne laissez pas les comportements des autres détruirent votre paix intérieure. - Dalaï Lama

The 50 Best Signs From #OccupyWallStreet

<b>Now in its third week, and the biggest one thus far, Occupy Wall Street continues to <a href=" steam</a>.</b> While the protestors' individual messages are often unclear, their signs show the awesome solidarity that exists within the movement.

OOPS (They All Hate Us)

OOPS | They All Hate Us | Bloglovin’