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Last one is a gem!!! I dont want to see selfies unless they look like these. Totally worthy.

The 24 Funniest Selfies That Have Ever Been Taken- I. -- seriously, jesus & the banana suit

How We All Truly Feel

"The Oatmeal is hilarious" - Who looks at who in the gym. From The Oatmeal…

(2) Tumblr

This girl is my hero. I love how she tells the security guard to hold on as she goes to run to the other baseball player and grab his butt.

Hilarious! With priceless photo examples! Not safe for humorless workpalces.. Hosted by http://imgur.com:

This Is How To Fail A Test

How to fail a test. This is truly hilarious. I can't wait to be a teacher and see what hilarious things kids come up with.

telephone pole funnies

Funny pictures about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Oh, and cool pics about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris.

Why Tom Hanks is awesome.

Hell yeah Tom Hanks is awesome!<-- Yeah, I love Tom Hanks

18 Times Parents Were Savage AF

15+ Jaw-Dropping Times Prove That Parents Were Savage AF

Imma be a savage parent

Oh Google.

Oh Google.

Literally started crying from laughing so hard

BAHAHAHA!!! And I love that it's her mom!!!! This would pretty much be my relationship with my momma.

Hahahahaha this mom is awesome. (and I can definitely see this being a conversation between my mom and me :P )

Helllllloooooo gas man!

Funny pictures about Hello Gas Man. Oh, and cool pics about Hello Gas Man. Also, Hello Gas Man.

Best of Tumblr

I almost killed my family making pancakes this morning. With great value comes great responsibility. Pancake spray and furniture polish look so alike

He Will Never Have a Girlfriend

before/after pics. will they or won't they grow up to have girlfriends? HAHA Dying over Neville, (holy hotness) George Clooney (um yesss), Mario LOL, and Justin Bieber!

I'm not sure why I thought this was so funny...  maybe because I'm tired.

You are Beautiful.

Waiter, the food was delicious, could you compliment the cook for me please? Harold, you are beautiful.

Reporter, Wat R U Doin, Stahp

Reporter, Wat R U Doin, Stahp

the face the kids make makes me was to roll on the floor laughing its so cute and funny

UNSUAL THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE DECIDING TO GO TO THESE PLACES.  America’s most funny facts are right here in front of you. First one is real shit   #FunnyLife #LifeIsFunny

Funny pictures about America’s Most Bizarre Laws. Oh, and cool pics about America’s Most Bizarre Laws. Also, America’s Most Bizarre Laws photos.