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Exclusive. Hmong People, the History forgotten warriors in Laos in March, 2008.

Exclusive - Hmong People, The History Forgotten Warriors In Laos In March, 2008 - Jean Sassi' personal archives : In Laos in 1953, Hmong fighters who were financed by France to fight Vietnameses., Colonel Jean Sassi was Captain of the GCMA, and one of the chiefs of the Indochina action service, president of the 11th Choc commando - He used to be the commander of the D operation (Desperado) in April 1954 to save the French Dien Bien Phu soldiers with the 2000 Hmongs of the…

Origins Since the Indochina was a French colony. In World War II, French Indochina, with Vietnam, was occupied by Japan. With the...

Viet Nam.....we heard about this daily, tv and magazines, also some of my classmates had brothers or other family members serving in the military.

Frontiers And Boundaries China

French soldier guarding against Communist infiltration looking across border into Red China.