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Obama: Republicans Are Like Extremists Shouting 'Death To America,' Sparks Twitter War - VIDEO

After success with Iran, pope, next stop for Obama is UN

The success of President Obama far exceeds the failures of the past republican presidency. Republican Corporate oligarchy must be stopped before it destroys our nation.

And was a thoughtful, caring, and intelligent man who, on top of everything else was a good husband and father.

November 29, 2016: President Obama says both he and First Lady Michelle Obama will be “very active” in working with people at the grass-roots level to support progressive causes once he leaves office. But despite her popularity and natural public speaking ability, Michelle isn’t interested in a career in politics. “Michelle will never run for office".

#Agenda21-Fed Officials to Set Up Camp in St. Louis & Push Global Warming Propaganda to Kids

Conway is an idiot who sold her soul to the devil!!!!

All the things they were so sure were going to happen under President Obama

They attempted to, and merely delayed the decision until publicity looks better or the orange buffoon distracts media. But yeah. Eliminating ethics commitee and making live streaming illegal so no one can see what they do. I give you ... the party of small government.