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Virgo – Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, rescued her only daughter, Peresphone, who had been abducted by the god of Underworld. But she was bewitched to stay in Underworld for four months every year. When chilly wind takes her away after harvest, Mother Falls into a deep sorrow. Thus cold winter comes. How earnestly we hope spring to come soon!

Scorpius – Gaia, the goddess of the earth, with mother's love, ordered Scorpion to kill the sinful mankind, Orion, who had destroyed the order of the nature. We, mankind, descendants of Orion, when will we ever learn the message of the mother of the earth?

Leo – The Lion, standing in the light of the full moon, gives all his love to Serene, the goddess of the moon. With Legurus, the star of courage, on his chest, how can he imagine the tragedy he is fated to?

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