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She was known for her way with Livestock and Men Wood Sign

She was known for her way with Livestock and Men Wood Sign ~ hmmm haha

Put a halter on it

Livestock Rule If you like it them you better put a halter on it Ranch House Designs

Amen!!!... and thank a farmer.

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They built America. So go to your local farm stand or a market. and thank a farmer.


To the people who think there "cowboys" and "cowgirls" just because they have boots and ride horses. A cattleman or woman can show you the real cowboy way

aww your dog drug you around? thats really cute

Show Cattle Problems. Not just show cattle but when you have just cows or donkeys that need to be moved at all!

Don't put on the big girl boots and call yourself country unless you're gonna do the work that country girls do

It ain't the clothes that make the cowgirl. it's the attitude and heart. My kota's sure got the attitude and heart!

Real country girls

Cowgirl Attitude -- 3 things are important to know in A strong Cowgirl may want her a cowboy but she never NEEDS one. When the going gets tough you Cowgirl Up and take it on. It's not the clothes that makes the Cowgirl it's the ATTITUDE and HEART!