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Liam Payne added to his sleeve in March 2016 with a series of clock tattoos on his arm.

Yeah maybe

Hahahahaha awwwwww>>> I love how Harry just stands there. Like imagine if he would stand on his tippy toes as well, we'd only see his lips lol but Louis is damn good

Whoa whoa whoa---what the heck is Harry WEARING in the third picture from the top?!?!?!?!?! It's not that he doesn't look hot in it (he looks about 900 degrees hawtttt) but he never, ever wears stuff like that. You know, the brightly colored tank top with a little pocket. Beach bum clothes. He's more of a hipster. But don't get me wrong; he looks smokin' in it!!!

The soccer pics tho!

YES BABES YES FUCKING YES hahaha sorry about the cussing and sorry that I can't help laughing at Liam's arm

YES BABES YEShahaha sorry about the cussing and sorry that I can't help laughing at Liam's arm


Liam Payne from One Direction, stopped by to add to his tattoo collection. Thank u so much, it was a pleasure to meet you! Skull and roses by Daniel


Eleanor Calder & Louis Tomlinson - Elounor the most cutest thing I've ever seen

My mum told me i wasn't allowed as many posters in my new room, and to take them down, so i shouted NO POSTERS LEFT BEHIND, i am now allowed all my posters

Styles, Tomlinson, Horan, Malik and Payne are the guys who made you feel loved like no any other boys can, The boys who changed the Story of Our Lives.

All I heard my grandma say was "...One Directionl" when she asked me and I screamed bloody murder and said "WHERE?!"

in west Philadelphia born and raised

whenever I see a hot pic of one direction

whenever I see a hot pic of one direction<<<< yep


Ok so can we just talk about the fact that zayn looks like a fricking sexy bad boy that would sneak in through your window at night and I just. But all the boys look on point I just had to point that out. haha miss ya zayn

Poor guys. YAY us. | Here's One Direction Getting Very, Very Wet On Stage

One Direction Got Completely Soaked On Stage And It Was Marvellous

Singing in the rain. 🎶their singing in the rain.

Does it ever drive you crazy..  Just how fast the night changes

One Direction-night changes music video.

The “Ooooh, Look At Us We’re So Playful!” Sequence. | 12 One Direction Expression GIFs To Make You Laugh, Cry, And Smile

Louis slapping Niall This Is Us << Liam's face! Zayn and Harry don't even look surprised

One Derection if you dont like one derection you do not desure to live i love this band so much and so should you <3<< call me old-fashioned but i think you should be able to spell the band's name to say you love them

One Direction Imagines/Preferences :) (REQUESTS CLOSED) - Niall Imagine for @Kasey_Rife23

One Direction Detection ! Liam is actually on the ground . Him and liam look very similar in this picture :)

If you have a 1D board and don't re-pin this I'm judging you.

The Xfactor days :)

repin! sorry-not-sorry kim!

No Kim. X Tomlinson Calder vote for your boyfriend! The world must know that we prefer Louis's bum to Kim's bum!