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The green budgie shows some pale marks, looks like dustiness, on his beak and cere. This could jsut be dirt but it is also very much like what Scaley Face mites cause before the real damage is done.

You train em the right way starting when they're young.

BUDGERIGAR - Melopsittacus undulatus . . . Wild budgerigars are usually found to be mostly green in colour . . . Wild throughout the drier parts of Australia

What a great in-flight shot of the most traditionally feathered parakeet. I have one who looks like this one, named Chezito. And my very favorite one of all time looked like this also; he was named Pepito.

Cola - Budgie Bonkers. A nice shot of a young Dark Green Normal budgie showing the full head barring, no iris ring and blotchy beak of a chick.