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For health, clarity and prayer and to show those a-holes out there I'm so much stronger then they could ever be!

Unfortunately, as a woman, I have to think about this.

Or trying to figure out how to use pepper spray with numb, ice cold fingers.

pretty please...?

Lmao this is soooo funny but so true for every runner who uses their Garmin religiously

haha. this would have been on a crosscountry shirt if we had seen this back in hs. right @Megan Ward Altemeier ? :)

but I absolutely hate running. JUST DO IT.its the fastest most effective way to burn fat. Even if you have to walk/jog/run all in one. Cardio is the best way to get your metabolism up melt the fat off. Sucks, but do it anyway.

Me & Lil! :) But sometimes we wear our glass slippers. ;)

Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes. I love that Justin calls me "pretty princess" all the time. And treats me like one!

Something only a runner would understand .. That shirt has thumb holes? SOLD.

I love me some thumb holes in shirts for exercising!

Yes! ♥

I am so thankful, I am able to run again after injuries & depression. Running is a gift a true blessing from God. Every single run is a blessing! God is my strength!

.True that !

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