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Disney Cruise Line Terminal - Port of Miami

A gazebo sits in a park amid circular arrangements of flowers in bloom

Slaves, Experiments & Dr. Marion Sims's Statue: Should It Stay or Go? source:New America Media The statue of Dr. James Marion Sims, a surgical pioneer considered the father of modern gynecology, stands amid fallen autumn leaves in northeast Central Park, bowing to passersby who look with curiosity, but fail to recognize him. Sims’s contributions to science and medicine are revered by many, but reviled by those who know of the pain endured by female slaves on whom he operated without…

Everyone In Ohio Should Visit These Enchanting Urban Waterfalls

You can find this enchanting waterfall on the outskirts of Youngstown, right off of U.S. 62. The waterfall and mill is within Youngstown's Mill Creek Park, the second largest metropark in the U.S. (after Central Park in New York City), and it's a true gem amid the hustle and bustle of the city.