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water kefir grains

water kefir grains

Make water kefir, easy. All it takes is water kefir grains (which multiply), spring water, sugar, and molasses. Probiotics galore! PS But don't use raw sugar. Since posting this, I found out- it'll kill the grains! (Mysterious, but true...)

Water Kefir: Turning Water to Wine? Or, Probiotic, At Least

ginger water kefir | Exhaustive site on dairy kefir. Tech data. Highly peer recommended. Substantiated study. Dairy & water kefir information

Directions on several water kefir recipes and how to revive damaged water kefir grains

Dom's kefir making site. This is one of the most informative sites for milk and water kefir, including several recipes.

"Strain kefir at 24 hours" Instruction on safely storing your kefir grains, and all the information needed to get started.

34 Water Kefir Recipes You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

34 Water Kefir Recipes You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet - Recipes look yummy. Careful to ferment only 24 hours or less for secondary fermentation to prevent making an alcoholic beverage.

What happens when you take a nutritionally dense food with similar composition to human plasma and combine it with kefir grains? The answer is, you get a probiotic powerhouse loaded with beneficial bacteria and immune boosting properties.

From kimchi to dark chocolate, here are some foods packed with probiotics that are good for gut health and microbiome balance.

Let’s Get Fizzy With It! Your Water Kefir Flavor Guide

SuperFoods become Superbeverages with Water Kefir Flavor Guide - It’s my delicious, fizzy little evening treat, plus it throws all those beneficial bacteria and yeasts into my gut to help my digestion and overall health.

This video shows how to make your own kefir.

Water Kefir Grains

Flavoring & Bottling Kombucha Tea: Tips for Fizzy Kombucha & Second Fermentation - Cultures for Health

Water Kefir Troubleshooting | Divine Health

Water Kefir Troubleshooting

Water Kefir Trouble shooting Water Kefir grains stored in a Fido