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Funny Pictures for Today (13)

46 Funny Pictures for Today

Very Soon Evil Cat....

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Prankers at their finest<<<one day I will do one of these to my friends.....and I will do it perfectly

I especially like the picture frame one! ~~When geeks take pranks to the next level, this happens. Reminds me of Moriarty


I always told my little brother rain was cloud pee! I never would have thought that this could be anyone else's logic!

Funny tumblr post

Funny tumblr post

Today was a costume party at my dog's daycare but he was the only one dressed up. He's traumatized.

Just some movie mistakes...

Just some movie mistakes...

I LOVED doing the cha-cha slide back in HS... this is totally true

the cha cha slide. played at every school dance since the beginning of time.


Sometimes being random is a good thing. Most of the time being funny is a great thing, so these random funny pictures and a good, great thing. Enjoy both the randomness and and humor of these pictures.

Straight from him is a guy in white that is jacking it all up too! Like I don't know what he is even doing

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