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I got mislead, mistook, discard anything that I said, see I'm not the type to call you up drunk, but I've got some lies to tell

Landscape circle tattoo on the right bicep.

Landscape circle tattoo on the right bicep. Tattoo artist: Eva krbdk A style that looks like a hole in the skin, like a window.

Dotwork UFO Tattoo by Wolf & Wren

36 Captivating UFO Tattoo Designs

But with mountains & says "believe in me. keep the UFO design obviously

UFO Tattoo by Uls Metzger                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Beautiful Blackwork Tattoos by Polish Artist Uls Metzger

Winston the Whale - 3D UFO abduction tattoo @winstonthewhale

I wouldnt get this, but its so neat how trippy this is! Winston the Whale - UFO abduction tattoo