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Oh my gosh I would absolutely love this. Also a date idea: Take me to the park, anywhere with a wide open area, to look at the stars.I want to look at the stars, the moon, find constellations

21 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World

how tf do you accidentally kiss someone like tf xD it was like the hardest thing ive ever done

The only appropriate thing for a dude to shout at me

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The other day I was walking down the street and this guy drives by with his window down and he just yells "HEY, I LIKE YOUR SHIRT"

Husband leaves wife notes when he has to leave town for work...

Husband leaves wife notes when he has to leave town for work…

AAAAAHHHHHH SO CUTE. Although I think it's even more adorable when a hearing person learns to sign to say something to their S/O

I will fall in love...

That I was telling BUT I fell for a boy who doesn't do all this stuff. I fell for a boy who makes me forget that I hate him with one hug! I fell for a boy who is not perfect but I love him because he is true to me ♥

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No, I will not imagine my OTP. This is a true story about people who deserve more than having their story turned into a fanfiction prompt.<<<honeybuns this isn't a true story. None of these are true stories.