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Partners in Crime~

The little egret (Egretta garzetta) is a species of small heron in the family Ardeidae

Ahhh  Cooling off.....Looking for food..

Anyone who has spent any time around and the saltwater is familiar with this handsome fellow, the Snowy Egret.

Striated Heron. The herons are long-legged freshwater & coastal birds with 64 recognized species. Although herons resemble birds in some other families, such as the storks, ibises, spoonbills and cranes, they differ from these in flying with their necks retracted, not outstretched. They are also one of the bird groups that have powder down. Some members of this group nest colonially in trees, while others, notably the bitterns, use reedbeds.

The herons are long-legged freshwater & coastal birds with…

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Egret teaches to stand in the physical and spiritual worlds. He teaches healing of the emotions in order to bridge the heart and mind. This also correlates to grounding properties in order to receive and process spiritual and emotional insights for clarity. Egret helps look deeper into aspects of life, brings out innate wisdom and shows how to become self-reliant.

great white egret ~ aka "angel bird" being very human interactive, both sexes develop flowing, graceful bridal trains at breeding season & green lores around their eyes ranging from bright chartreuse, lime, aqua or emerald wondrous !

egret                                                       …

Time to rest! - As a few egrets were flying around, when this beautiful one decide to take a little rest posing for me!


White Wolf : 15 Adorable Photos of Owls Caught in a Warm Embrace

Snowy Owl:  The scientific name for the snowy owl is Nyctea scandiaca  Snowy owls range in size from 20 to 28 inches (52 to 71 centimeters). Their wingspan (from wingtip to wingtip) is 4.2 to 4.8 feet (1.3 to 15. meters).  In the wild, snowy owls generally live for about 9.5 years. In captivity, they can live 35 years.

Snowy Owl: The scientific name for the snowy owl is Nyctea scandiaca Snowy…