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I made some more of these things am I funny yet Tolkien + text posts vol

Mirkwood - Thranduil's Halls

The Elven Kings Halls.The Kings cave was his palace and the fortress of his people in times of danger.

Hahaha! Thranduil can outdo anyone! Lol! XD

Harry: Wanna see my scar?Thranduil: That's nice.Thranduil: (unglamour)Harry: (scared)Thranduil: Come back when you get your big boy scars.

lol it's so dark in here, I can barely brush my precious hair!

Why don't you use your elf eyes there, Legolas? They seem to spot orcs pretty well.

I LOL'd way too much at this. XDD

« You know what's scary? I dont think I'll ever fly in a plane ever. All I ever think about is hi jacking and terrorism and crashes.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Publicity still of Orlando Bloom & John Rhys-Davies. The image measures 2700 * 1825 pixels and was added on 13 August