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U never know what to expect from Disney movies ;)

Disney secrets< the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT? in my head. there is something wrong with me.<<no there is nothing wrong with you. that comes out my mouth, yours just said it in your head.

Mickey and Minnie

Photo Booth Kiss for your Mickey board :) I wish this was us Ashlyn Nicole Howard - Bellah we be so in luvs and we be happy together! I love you my beautiful Minnie Mouse ! I'll forever be Your Mickey Mouse ! We shall forever live a Disney love life!

Some of these are cool, but some just don't seem right for the part. I would LOVE it if Taylor swift was rapunzel!

Photographer Gets A-List Celebrities To Reenact Scenes From Disney Movies. But Taylor swift is the worst and I hate her. How is she even A-list.

The Lion King in real-life.

Funny pictures about The Lion King in real life. Oh, and cool pics about The Lion King in real life. Also, The Lion King in real life.

I really need to get on tumblr. I done learned a thing...r

The most awesome images on the Internet

Love this scene - it just proves how much of a better heroine Mulan is than most of the other Disney girls. They're really beautiful, the other ones, but Mulan as a film proved that a prince is not necessary for you to become a great woman.

Jelsa, Jack Frost, Elsa, Frozen, Rise of the Guardians

Isn't it really ironic to have a disney queen who is supposed to be alone, without a man beside her and despite that fact, to ship her with Jack anywhere?

Funny Disney things

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons- :D << does anyone else ship Merida and Hiccup?

Yeah, it's gotta very be Jelsa ---it bugs me that whoever made this didn't put the names over their proper pictures.

Yeah, it's gotta very be Jelsa ---it bugs me that people ship JACK and REPUNZEL!

Jelsea ♥

[Triwizard] Ball-Jelsa by Lime-Hael on DeviantArt_ This ship is soaring high ^-^ *squeal