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From growing just bamboo, to growing bamboo with an awesome beta named Yoshi:)

From growing just bamboo, to growing bamboo with an awesome beta named Yoshi:)

I did want one ~ but I have since read that this is not a good way to keep a betta fish as they require more to eat than a plant can provide and this will slowly starve them.  :(

This is animal abuse! Never keep a betta fish like this! Betta's are also not able to live on plant roots, they will slowly starve without adequate food!

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Fish are fun to watch, and having an aquarium adds a soothing backdrop in the home. However fish tanks and aquariums can quickly turn stinky. One solution for fighting the odor is to clean up the air with a Air Naturalizer!

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Id put a tiny colorful tetra, but not a beta. Fish Shaped Glass Fish Bowl Aquarium Air plant by PartySpin

Si le gustan los peces y está pensando en comprar o regalar un acuario, debe tener en cuenta que necesita, a diferencia de otras mascotas, mantenimiento y cuidados muy especiales

Acuario, unas mascotas diferentes

Micro Garden


Micro Garden

I love this idea. I love Bamboo and had a plant all through H.S.. My grandfather was an aquamarine biologist and he passed away a few years ago, I really miss him. He was really important to me  I'd like to get a beta and name him Arnold after him. I would put this on my desk to keep me motivated. It's also good Feng Shui. :)

According to my mother someone must gift you the bamboo sticks for luck and prosperity in your home

I want this, but with colorful rocks at the bottom!

Perfect example of betta abuse. The need at least gallons, and since they're TROPICAL fish they do need a heater. Round bowl shapes can hurt their eyes and prevent air from flowing correctly and can hurt their organs.