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Just makes me laugh because I broke my hand doing this. I pushed my limits doing back-hand-springs, and get casted for 12 weeks. Lesson learned: Not everything is meant to be pushed.

Push yourself to your LIMIT. Cheerleading isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. Everyday you put forth am effort to get one step closer to reaching your goal.

We get dropped and its hard to stay balanced while doing stretches in the air that most people can't do on the ground and we get thrown in the air being scared out of our minds and the whole time we smile!

Flyers work too! They risk being dropped. And they have to work on balance!

Cheer is a sport!  Damn straight

Competitive Cheerleading has just been named the most injury laden sport above football, basketball and soccer. Think about that next you complain us girls aren't doing anything sporty. we are more athletes than you.