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pp: steampunk clock tattoo. tattoo with the quote "Do Not Squander Time, For It Is the Stuff Life Is Made Of". Set to the time that I was born

Reloj 3D

Tattoo art mastery has advanced to the point where tattoo artists can create convincing and sometimes even photo-realistic optical illusions on their clients'

Beautiful Black and White Eye Tattoo

34 Astonishingly Beautiful Eyeball Tattoos

An amazing detailed & realistic eye tattoo by Niki Norberg? Now to find out who & where this Niki is

Pocket watch tattoo by Florian Karg

Pocket watch tattoo by Florian Karg. Love the mechanism inside - not the dripping effect though

Steampunk tattoo - http://99tattoodesigns.com/steampunk-tattoo-2/

Very nice work in this steampunk watch Tattoo by Panda Conny at Sissi got inked in Wien, Austria. Original clock design by The Clockwork of Eric Freitas.

black and gray sleeve  This is seriously sweet! (by James Spencer Briggs)

Black and White Tattoo Sleeve by James Spencer Briggs at Charmed Life in Lexington, KY. Love this sleeve!

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Definitely one of my fave artists! So much amazing detail went into this cool clocked eye. Tattoo by Oscar Akermo so crazy! Posting just for pure admiration at the art.

Angel and Evil Tattoo

10 Amazing Tattoo Designs for the Week

Black and grey half sleeve by Shaun Carroll of Hot Rod Tattoo, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Black and grey half sleeve by Shaun Carroll of Hot Rod Tattoo, Blacksburg, Virginia. Great artist and a nice guy!


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No one is promised tomorrow, life can be gone in a blink of an eye. Quote: The trouble is, you think have time, Buddha Cita Frase de Buda El problema es que crees que tienes tiempo

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