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follow me for more fashion :) @ Beauty without colour seems somehow to belong to another world - Murasaki Shikibu | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This was actually 3 different shots merged into one. I wanted to experiment with food colouring since I've seen many photographers do so. This was my first attempt, so criticisms and advices are most welcome!


WOW~ℒᎧᏤᏋ this gorgeous different colored inspired mani ღ❤ღ

All I want to know is how long did this take someone?!

This picture shows contrast because it has light and dark colors. The backgrounds the darkest colors and the crayons are the lighter colors. You can focus more on the crayons because of the bright colors that they display.

whoa such a great picture :-)

Everything rainbow! I made these by hand! just remove the original white paste from an oreo. Whip it up with the food coloring of your choice of you choice and put back in the oreo! And they make the most perfect party treats!

Motivo  Eu canto porque o instante existe e a minha vida está completa. Não sou alegre nem sou triste: sou poeta.  Irmão das coisas fugidias, não sinto gozo nem tormento. Atravesso noites e dias no vento.  Se desmorono ou se edifico, se permaneço ou me desfaço, — não sei, não sei. Não sei se fico ou passo.  Sei que canto. E a canção é tudo. Tem sangue eterno a asa ritmada. E um dia sei que estarei mudo: — mais nada.  Cecília Meireles

beautiful fashion woman color face art by White Room, via Shutterstock

Pete Goldlust is taking crayons and carving them into amazing little sculptures!

Pete Goldlust Carves Colorful Crayons into Intricate Sculptures

A light for every color.

Rainbow traffic lights From post: "hahaha! wonder what the other colors mean.click your heels 3 times?

20-year-old Carrah Aldridge creates Starbucks cup art using Sharpie, white gel pen and Copic markers.

Artist transforms ordinary Starbucks cups into colorful masterpieces

Carrah Aldridge creates Starbucks cup art using Sharpie, white gel pen and Copic markers.


Mark Mawson's Explosive Photos of Neon Ink in Water

cocktail:The recipe for the Rainbow Cocktail:  Take a shaker tin and fill it 3/4 with ice. Add Malibu, Vodka, and Triple Sec first. Tilt the tin and add Grenadine. Then add OJ and Sweet and Sour. Finally topping it off with Blue Curacao. Do not shake. Watch the colors layer as you pour.  It will surely impress if you have a house party or a cocktail party

Freeze colored ice, add to glass in layers. Fill glass with Sierra Mist. St pattys day for the kids Rainbow Drink. Freeze colored ice, add to glass in…


Colorful spools of thread. reminds me of my dear grandmother, she sewed often and had alot bobbins of different colors of thread