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Chinese Famille Rose porcelain Ink Stone Inkpad box Painted box

Chinese Famille Rose porcelain Ink Stone Inkpad box Painted box

Dinner for Two

I love brass cutlery. Too bad that my ex didn't see fit to give me the set from his grandmother's estate that he said we could keep. Instead, he left 9 boxes of crap at my house for me to dispose of. All the good stuff, he'd already taken. After all the money he owes me, you'd think that he would have offered the one thing he knew I wanted. It's unreal what a$$holes people can be, especially the takers... ~ETS

Pottery Mug, 19 oz, handthrown ceramic mug, stoneware pottery mug, unique coffee mug

Purple Coffee Mug handmade ceramic cup ceramic by ocpottery. The dark clay used for this mug is fired to a deep, rich brown. The exterior is left unglazed with light carving that enhances the natural texture of the clay. The glazed purple interior, rim and handle give the piece a brightness of color, along with a contrast in texture with the natural clay.

These frames were inspired by vernacular lanterns seen hanging from boats in the Venetian Lagoon when the designers travelled from the mainland to Venini's workshops on the island of Murano

Reserved for Rhiannon..Jewelry bowl - Earring holder - pottery bowl - Jewelry Box Handmade ceramic pottery