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'Reflections' is a photo series of elderly people looking at young versions of themselves in mirrors. #2

Reflections, Photo Series of Seniors Seeing Their Youthful Reflections

Award winning campaign for Novartis' Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The highly photographs depicted an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror.

Pablo zuleta zahr - Photo-Sequence

Pablo zuleta zahr - Photo-Sequence of everyday people

Ulric Colette: The Genetic Portraits Project- "It looks at the resemblance between family members. Instead of showing the images side by side, he masterfully fused them into one."

twins: laurence and christine, 20 years - ulric collette [from portraits génétiques, series of composited photos exploring the genetic similarities between family members]

So can see this happening.. But Nonna he is SO much bigger than you. ~ chico de luigi - Rimini, a selection of images taken between -  1989 e il 1998

Photo: chico de luigi - rimini, selezione di immagini scattate tra il 1989 e il 1998

Зеркало помнит вс

Reflections Tom Hussey portrays old people looking at their younger reflection in the mirror. These photographs are beautiful and melancholic.

Dallas photographer Tom Hussey says this about his REFLECTIONS series: "I don’t care how old you are, when you look into a mirror, you think of yourself as younger than you are. You have a memory of a time in your life that was pivotal — be it when you got your drivers license, your senior year in High School, or maybe the year you married..." More images at the link

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly Seeing Their Younger Selves

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were. A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror.


Artistic Photography by Emil Nyström. Talented Swedish photographed Emil Nyström shooted his own daughter, Signhild as the main subject, Nystrom has develo