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Some more pictures of Our Heavenly Mother, Virgin Mary. Mother Mary certainly could not be tormented at death by any remorse of conscience, for she was always

Catholic Fire: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Virgen del Carmen or Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Her feast day is celebrated in July 16 and she is the patroness in many cities and government institutions from countries in Latin America, such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Perú and Venezuela.

Virgen prudentísima

Our Universal Mother - Part 52 Our Lady of the Bowed Head - (Mother of Grace) - Vienna, Austria - 1610 Virgin most holy, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Treasurer of graces and Refuge of sinners;

Virgen del Carmen, patrona de la orden del Carmelo, sus vestiduras son blancas y pardas como el hábito carmelita. Lleva el escapulario del Carmen con su escudo.

The Carmelite Scapular was given to the world as a symbol of the protection and help of the Holy Mother of God when no earthly help is avail.