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Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest- Photobomb

Jennifer and Taylor had a really funny moment at the Annual Golden Globes on Jan. when Jennifer interrupted Taylor's interview with Ryan Seacrest! The best part was what Jennifer said to Taylor when she got to the top of the stairs!

Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen Degeneres are my two favorite people ever!

ummmm yeah you're an award winning actress and you think you have no talent other than pulling on your face with invisible strings... yeah, that's right jennifer...

Awesome hidden talent

Funny pictures about Awesome hidden talent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome hidden talent. Also, Awesome hidden talent.

This girl... she is just the best. Horses are just another thing that we have in common. (=

5 Horsey Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence « HORSE NATION. Jenifer, please give me a call: I would like to speak with you about "Purchasing For A Cause"

Woody Harrelson, Zoe Kravitz, and Josh Hutcherson on meeting Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Great First Impressions.I love JLaw so much. We would be best friends