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Okami HD PC Playthrough Part 2

This game is LOOOONG! i can't stress that enough going forward, this game is preposterously long. it's good because it has a lot of replay value, but okami h.


An amusing sidequest involving godbert, the world's mightiest primal, father to hildibrand. doing this quest gives you insight into godbert's grief at losing.

USFIV Premium na Lagda (Dan) vs Kappa Mikey (Dan)

USFIV Premium na Lagda (Dan) vs Kappa Mikey (Dan)

Quite Literally The Greatest Lie In Gaming.

Quite Literally The Greatest Lie In Gaming.

Post with 25 votes and 16446 views. Quite Literally The Greatest Lie In Gaming.

How to unlock Avatar Korra costume and shadow fist (in description)

codes for spirit korra: up up down down square codes for shadow fist (unlocked via shop screen): right right left left square Yes, I'm evil, no, you can't ha.

FFXIV Hildibrand Questline Part 6

Okay, the cabbage patch imps were a nice callback, but seriously fuck that fight.

Path To DanMaster: How to PWN a Vega

Path To DanMaster: Vega Roflstomping 101

More Akuma

I have no idea how I managed to get such an overwhelming perfect that second round.


You are 18 yrs old and watches over people. They look up to you for safety,hope and protection. You always helped the weak. That's when you were watched. Little did you know goddesses were watching you.

Casual May Cry Reddit combo contest test run:Vergil

Disclaimer: I never said it was a good entry. This was just a brief clip of me tackling the same part of over and over to get a better sense of how to ge.

Let's Play Tales Of Zestiria part 4

on the way I encountered this weird black wolf thi.