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Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette; detail from a portrait of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and Archduke Maximilian of Austria by Joseph Hauzinger. Circa 1776.

Thomas Jefferson - a true Renaissance man, he wrote our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, was an early American diplomat to France, became our 3rd President, was a self-taught botanist, architect and scientist, and he sent the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore what lay to the west of the Mississippi river. A remarkable man.

Detail of gown drapery and petticoat from - A portrait of a lady in white, 1776 by Louis Lié Périn-Salbreux (1753 - 1817)

10 Crazy Royals - Insane Royalty

George III was the grandson of George II. In his later years he was known as 'Mad King George'. He is known as 'the King who lost America'. His son ruled as Prince Regent and then as King George IV after his father died. On July 4, 1776, King George III said that nothing important happened today.

"Portrait of a Lady in White, Holding a Crown of Roses in Her Right Hand, Her Left Arm Resting On an Altar to Love", 1776, by Lié Louis Périn-Salbreux (French, 1753-1817).

La lectora, hacia 1776, Jean Honoré Fragonard, (Washington, National Gallery). Precioso y emocionante momento de intimidad, este cuadro es uno de las más célebres de la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII. La gama cromática que utiliza Fragonard parece anunciar Renoir.