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“I wanted to be a professional footballer when I grew up. I realised that I wasn’t good enough so when I finished school I went travelling for a year and mucked around doing odd jobs here and there. I’ve just started a new role as a pensions administrator – a proper job! I think if I could live my last few years again I would try work out what I wanted to do at an earlier age. If I had done my mucking around earlier I would’ve been[...more] #bristol #england #football #gapyear #properjob…

“I’m 43 and have worked in childcare for pretty much all my employable life. Sure, I’ve got that as a career, but I’m at a stage of my life where I’m left thinking ‘is that it?!’. I’ve hopefully still got another 40 years in me, so I feel I’m now searching for that something else to do with my life. I’ve got no idea what it is I’m looking for, but I’m hoping I’ll find it soon.” #cheltenham #england #childcare #searching #career

“I’m finding it hard to figure out who I am at the moment. I quit my job yesterday and broke up with my girlfriend last week. I really miss her. I’ve decided to head to Bolivia for three months to do some volunteer work, so hopefully this will give me the time and headspace I need to figure everything out.” #cheltenham #england #breakup #bolivia #headspace #girlfriend

“He taught me how to roller-skate.” #bristol #england #rollerskate #grandfather

“I like to draw people. The challenge of translating a person’s posture and facial expressions from what I see with my eyes onto paper really excites me. In five years I hope to be an animator working on video games or films.” #bristol #england #animation #drawing

“When I was younger I was lured in to join an international prostitution ring with the promise of making a quick buck. My job involved me smuggling Nigerian woman into European countries where they were then sold for sex. As I should have expected, taking such a shortcut in earning a living brutally backfired on me. I lost all respect from the people I loved and I actually ended up losing the little money I had [...more] #london #england #nigeria #prostitution #pastor #god #shortcuts

“A few years ago I decided to change my career from sales to fundraising. This meant I had to do a year of training; a year of not being able to afford any fun and having to snap up free dinners from friends when I got offered them. It was all worth it. I’m doing something I love now and I don’t care it pays less than my old sales job!” #england #charity #sales #fundraising #freedinners

“The hardest thing for me was being diagnosed with cancer at 14. What made it worse was that my friends then deserted me, which led to depression. I was fighting two enemies and in some ways the depression was the tougher of the two. I moved to Bristol from Paris a few weeks ago to study and help me improve my English. I see it as a new start. I’m still battling the cancer, but it’s going okay.” #bristol #england #cancer #depression #study #paris #newstart #inspiration

“The happiest moment in my life was getting engaged to my girlfriend last year. The hardest moment was a few months later, where we ended the engagement and ten year long relationship. Love, huh.” #london #england #engagement #relationship #breakup #love

“If I could be young again I think I would focus on a career after getting married rather than having children straight away. I ended up taking the traditional route for a woman of my generation. It’s very different these days.” “What do you think you would’ve chosen as your career?” “I do like ballet. So maybe teaching ballet or something similar. I would’ve loved to be a professional ballet dancer but I don’t think I was quite good enough!” #england #ballet #youngagain