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by @shantaatkins "Before you start complaining again. ....... there is at the very least one thing you can say thanks for. ." via @PhotoRepost_app

I love this! I'm often asked why I'm "always happy". (I aaaaaaaaaam human and I do have my moments too! 😬) My response is simple. I have soo much to be gratefu

These 40 Cartoons Perfectly Illustrate How Smartphones Have Taken Over Our Lives

cartoons show smartphone addiction. We check our smartphones on average 150 times every day. That’s approximately every six and a half minutes.

Water vs. Internet: People are so addicted to the internet nowadays. Although this picture is very extreme saying that people would sacrifice water for internet in the dessert, it is just a metaphor that people are so consumed with technology. It is now almost considered an essential in life.

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