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found this on a random blog. adorable

::: Favorites … Mine Not Yours … But They Could Be the Same :::


I love dogs when they are still puppies. Enjoy playing with them some kind of sport. Soccer is my favorite sport to play.

Harlequin great dane puppy

Great Dane – Patient and Friendly – Pup Home

The cutest hat in the world, 1950.

15 Photographs That Definitively Prove Puppies Have Always Been Adorable

this is adorable! Great Dane and a tiny little puppy hat

Everything about your Great Dane

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Great dane

Beautiful photo of a Blue Great Dane. Great Danes are known to be "the gentle giants" of the dog world. These dogs are highly intelligent, loving, and can live up to 13 years.

let birds fly: new great dane puppy - meet mozart

Meet Mozart - Our New Great Dane Puppy