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A group of campaigners linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement has raised enough cash to write-off 5 million in "distressed" student loans and outstanding medical bills.

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books, movies, music, our media is too controlled: tries not to show new and good things that dont make ratings -- and too uncontrolled: tries to show old and bad things that Do make them ratings (profits)

The Real Reason They Still Play 'Mrs. Robinson' On The Radio

The Illusion of Choice 6 media giants know control of what we read, watch or listen

#موسوعة_اليمن_الإخبارية l في أعلى مستوى له..ارتفاع للدولار الامريكي

#موسوعة_اليمن_الإخبارية l في أعلى مستوى له..ارتفاع للدولار الامريكي

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US VC investment levels are at their highest quarterly level since beating last quarter's record levels, according to a new report from CB Insights.

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Easy dental financing? See for yourself! Help is here – fast and easy   #dentalhealthcare #dentalloanprograms

Easy dental financing? See for yourself! Help is here – fast and easy #dentalhealthcare #dentalloanprograms