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Gears inside gears! Check out woodregrown4u on Facebook and Etsy for more pens.

Eli Gurock, Project Nursery's gear expert, is sharing the inside scoop on the new baby gear products that will make life with baby just a little easier.

Samsung's new headphones for VR trick your brain into 'feeling' motion http://ift.tt/1WoSomc AUSTIN Texas Samsungs latest virtual reality accessory makes VR way more realistic. The company is showing off new headphones at South by Southwest that tricks your brain into feeling like your moving even when your standing completely still. Its called the Entrim 4D headset a newly unveiled project out of the companys C-lab innovation program and its dizzyingly realistic. See also: Splashs…

Call me a hipster, but there's something so... dull about brand-new tech gear. Don't get me wrong—the new stuff is sleeker and shiner than ever, but there's always so much more character to older devices. So I'm totally on-board with this DIY project: hide a modern device inside a broken vintage find.

The B-eggy Changing Pad is shaped like an egg and sticks to your dresser without hardware and can be removed without damaging your furniture! #babygear

Misfits & Menaces: Mixed Villains - Misfits and Menaces is a new sourcebook series for the M&M Superlink rules. Each offering will focus on a number of villains and/or one or more villainous organization that may be inserted into most super-heroic campaigns with little effort. Each villain/organization not only comes with full game statistics and back story, but also with several adventure ideas to help introduce the character into your game. Inside this first issue you’ll find our…

KITH With the rise of streetwear on the runways, it was only a matter of time before haute urban-gear retailer Kith opened a store just for the ladies.

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