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How to look good

10 Quotes For Motivation 10 Quotes For Motivation Sometimes all we need to start our day off on a better note is a word of encourageme.


Ok a) I love John Green and his books b) I feel this quote right now:'( people suck! I can't believe I'm just realizing now what people can do to hurt me:'(

Sometimes it ends up different but it is better that way

Sometimes it ends up different (that's ok). Totally my life story, right here. So many things ended up how I didn't expect!

I am in the perfect place to do all of it. :) Finally. <3

Quotes: I just want to travel, get paid for doing something I love, be around genuine people and find new ways to love the same man over and over.

Pema Chodron

Quotes // Inspiration // Pema Chodron // "Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.

Awe yes!!!!

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you're excited for the day? That's one of my main goals in life. // Kirsten Dunst MINE TOO!