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Love Letter to the Library
Great read. I highly recommend it.
Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson. I read this book as a kid and loved it. Now as an adult I love it even more!
The Death of Bees (Lisa O'Donnell) January 2013 - Fifteen-year-old Marnie and her little sister Nelly have just finished burying their parents in the back garden. Only Marnie and Nelly know how they got there. Lennie, the old guy next door, has taken a sudden interest in his two young neighbours and is keeping a close eye on them. He soon realises that the girls are all alone, and need his help -- or does he need theirs?
Amazon.com: Transformative Nursing in the NICU: Trauma-Informed Age-Appropriate Care (9780826196576): Mary Coughlin RN MS NNP: Books
Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library): Bonnie Worth: 9780679891161: AmazonSmile Kids' Books
Two serial killers are on the loose and John O'Hara is after them both. Of course, he is the intended victim of one of them. Someone is killing newlyweds on their honeymoon and someone is killing men names John O'Hara with the FBI agent his ultimate victim. Easy read and a lot of fun.
Just enough puppy innocence mixed with the wisdom of a dog beyond his years....love this book.
Currently reading this wonderful book about friendship - beautifully written. Grab a cup a tea and a tissue!