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Dive The Neptune Memorial Reef, An Underwater Cemetery

The Neptune Memorial Reef aka the Atlantis Memorial Reef or the Atlantis Reef is the world’s first underwater mausoleum for cremated remains.

Neptune memorial reef a resting place for the dead underwater.

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Neptune Memorial, Key Biscayne, Florida At this Florida cemetery, located a few miles east of Miami, you’ll need scuba gear to pay your respects to the dead. This beautiful underwater memorial and living reef, founded in 2007 by the Neptune Society, is modeled after the mythic city of Atlantis. New cremains, Atlas Obscura notes, can be mixed with cement and sand, poured into a shell- or starfish-shaped mold, and added to the reef.

Brilliant and nerve-wracking at the same time, the Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest underwater cemetery in the world. This 600,000 square foot area sits off the coast of Key Biscayne, FL. So how does it work? Cremains are mixed with cement, poured into a mold, and carefully placed on the ocean floor by a diver. A plaque (similar to a headstone) is attached to each object. Not just a creepy underwater cemetery, the man-made reef also serves as a home for various marine animals.

Florida Key Underwater Cemetery Lures Curious Divers

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The Neptune Memorial Reef is the world’s first underwater mausoleum for cremated remains and the world’s largest man-made reef. Opened in 2007, off the coast of Miami Beach, the Neptune Memorial Reef is the perfect final resting place for those who loved the sea.