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This past September in the state of Guerrero, 43 students from the rural college of Ayotzinapa were abducted, tortured and brutally murdered in the hands of a local drug cartel. They still haven’t found the remains. The command was given by the mayor of Iguala: this was a state crime. This event has consequently produced a wave of protests globally. We are tired of living in a country where a life is worth nothing. As Mexicans we have all been affected directly or indirectly by violence and…

The Internet Makes Us All Miserable

Whats Happening in Mexico. Why we say #YaMeCanse We didn't react when 49 children were burnt to death and 76 were injured in Sonora. 22 people were murdered in Tlatlaya 45 in Acteal 17 in Aguas Blancas In all of these cases, the State was implicated. If we want to make a change we must make people aware of this, create greater consciousness. To do so, we must spread the news. We must spread the #Ayotzinapa name everywhere.

This weekend families of the missing are commemorating the disappearance of their sons, all students at a teachers’ college in Ayotzinapa, in rural Guerrero State.

#occupy #ows #p2 #p21 #tlot #tcot #teaparty #union #iww Absent Justice, Parents of Missing Students Condemn Mexico's "Narco-Politics" "Those people are cold-blooded and their eyes say it all," said one mother, referring to President Enrique Peña Nieto's government The parents of 43 Ayotzinapa students who will have been missing for one year on Saturday came out of a meeting…

El Fantasma de los Normalistas de Ayotzinapa persiguió a Presidente Peña Nieto en Gira por Estados Unidos | Diario de Venezuela