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My Grandson with my dogs. AND I A- COPPER

My Grandson with my dogs. AND I A- COPPER

Calopsita folgada

Picture of a cockatiel drinking a cocktail. My parrot used to like to sneak people's drinks, even beer (which is very bad for them!


23 Bird Shaming Moments Show That Theyre Quite The Troublemakers. My birds haven't destroyed anything.

Wires are for the weak...

Jean-Claude Van Damme splits done first by Marsh wren by Roger Eriksson, via Audubon Magazine

I'd rather roll in spinach leaves, than fly thru the sky with the greatest of ease.

this little parakeet LOVES spinach . several short GIF'S him diving in eating and rolling in a bowl of spinach!

Women & Cats versus Men & Dogs

"Women and Cats will do as they please. AND Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea!" (LOVE IT!), One of my favorite Robert Heinlein quotes.