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so true

9 Deadly Words Used By A Woman :) Probably one of the most true things I have EVER read! Men take note!

True statement.

If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel. so true!

haha maybe! Even though I do like voicemails every once in a while

I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.

shit that blows just makes me LOL saying it :)

shit- that blows; when your skinny friend says she feels fat and you're just standing there. all fat.

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The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in That means it only took 100 years for men to realize their brain is also important.


Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs. Friends are like Boobs.

like, seriously... let's be fair here.

It's a fact, stop doing that.

Haha! ~ every time a student tells me Spanish is too hard. I am going to give then a copy of this!!!!

Funny pictures about English is a crazy language. Oh, and cool pics about English is a crazy language. Also, English is a crazy language photos.

This happens a lot...yeah especially with a hearing loss :(

That's my life a lot of the time now that I live in Australia. All the Aussie accents are tough to understand at times.especially when they talk fast!

There are two things in life that as soon as you finish you can't wait to do it again. SLEEPING & SEX! <3

There are two things in life that as soon as you finish you can't wait to do it again. sounds about right.


Redneck tips: Never do a country girl wrong. Even if she doesn't have a gun, her daddy will. So true!

Oh my gosh...this is freakin hysterical!!!

You look so familiar…

That would be awesome, if only I could say it and keep a straight face. hahaha I get told I look familiar all the time!so funny.

I find this awful. Since when do our attitudes become conditional? What happened to rising above it? Not sinking to their level by becoming just like them?

don t get confused between my personality and my attitude. my personality is who i am, my attitude depends on who you are

Faux News, the illusion of knowledge. - The entertainment division for the saboteurs.

BEHOLD: '50 Fox News Lies In 6 Seconds'

Watching Fox News only gives you the ILLUSION of knowledge. Studies show that those who watch Fox News are found to less informed than those who watch no news.