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dancemon ft shook hobi and smol kookie

Rapmon can dance very well. Jungkook, J-Hope and Rapmon!

Eu ja acostumei cm isso/ véi de o Jimin é desse tamanho perto do moni imagina eu sério acho q eu bato no ombro dele

This right here is my favorite GIFS from the entire world. The more I look at how smart and elegant is Namjoon, the more I discover cutie pie munchy squishy mochi Jiminie. I love it I would pay with my life to see them in real life at least once.

Same, Jimin>.<   Why does it feel like that was the ultimate insult!!!???

RM: If I'm basketball shoes, your just flip-flops.

I love them...I just found a profile of Rap Monster saying he taught himself English and I am very apprehensive about believing this.  Is it true?  I can't seem to find anything.

Haha J Hopes face is like not amused then lol taught you a lesson!

"Why BTS?"   Me: Cause this.

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when BTS was asked to pose for a quick pic xD V looks soo fabulous!jajaja<<Is Jungkook trying to be Elsa?

Jin & Kookie & Nam & Jimin

Lookin all Handsome! Jin, JungKook, Rapmon and Jimin

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Except your taller, derpier, got a crap ton of colours in your hair and oh yeah u can't dance// And he can talk to girls.


J-Hope forever judging Rap Monster's dance skills, LOL.